And the Onslaught Begins
August 7, 2009, 11:32 am
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Julia, Julia, Julia.

Everybody’s got Julia on the brain with the release of “Julie and Julia”.  There is more being written and talked about Julia than anytime since she passed.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  But, since I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ll leave the blabbing to others.  Suffice it to say we’re all in her debt.


Awesome Weekend
January 22, 2009, 11:58 am
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img_0049It’s cold out there! But we warmed up with a winter feast made from the best stuff we had stashed away in the basement with two meals featuring entrees made from out stash of  Awesome Farm products.  First, Lisa made gnocchi which we had with a lamb ragu (which also featured a couple of jars of our own tomatoes).  It went down quite well with a capital Barolo.   For dessert, I made my (sorta) famous Chocolate Malted Creme Brulee.  Famous, ‘cuz it was in Mom’s cookbook The Splendid Spoonful.



  On Sunday we had had Hainanese chicken with our Awesome Farm chicken.  This dish has been in heavy rotation for us every since Bittman wrote about it last summer.  Although we like the more traditional version with a zippy lime-chili sauce.

X-mas Present
January 14, 2009, 5:42 pm
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2009-01-14-0351Not much going on here but I did want to share a killer recipe.  We went to NH for Christmas to Mom’s for Ye Olde Fashioned New England Christmas.  And for x-mas dinner, to go along with the roast beast, Mom made this killer recipe for Yorkshire Pud’.

Like a Lamb to….
October 15, 2008, 7:16 am
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I’m very excited about a call I got yesterday.  The good folks from Awesome Farm called to say our lamb was ready to head to the butcher.  And they’d like to know how we’d like it butchered….legs: half or whole, rack: chops or whole, sholder: roast or stew, etc. etc.  Ahhh, the possiblities.  We ordered this lamb last spring and I’d almost forgotten about it.  Now my only regret is that we only ordered half a lamb and not a whole.  I’ll post back after we pick it up and let you know how it tastes.

Many Thumbs Up!
August 17, 2008, 5:05 pm
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I’ve made this dessert three times in three weeks, I love it so much.  This time we added raspberries!  Bittman rules!

We Have a Winner
April 20, 2008, 11:36 am
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Mom sent me a link to this recipe for a porchetta inspired pork shoulder.  We cooked it in the Big Green Egg for about 8 hours without any wood chips and it was the tastiest, juciest roast pork I’ve had in a long while.

Pretty Keen
April 9, 2008, 6:49 am
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After years of trying to keep my kitchen knives sharp and not being satisfied with the results I discovered the solution was just 2 miles away from me.  Sharpening knives on a whetstone has always seemed like a black art to me.  I must have missed that night during Boy Scouts.  But a web search revealed NJ Grinding in nearby Belleville.  Literally a hole in the wall behind a non-descript brick building.  What a difference!  I’m ready to dice mirepoix all night long.  Night of the long knives, indeed!

And, the best part is, all of you around the country can enjoy fine work and get your knives back up to snuff.  Through their website, CutleryMania, the folks at NJ Grinding offer a service whereby they mail you a shipping container for your knives, you send your knives to them and Presto! within a couple of days your knives are returned sharpened and ready for battle with that mound of onions.

These guys are so sharp good they even fixed an old paring knife with a broken tip.  Ground a new one right on to it.