Pretty Keen
April 9, 2008, 6:49 am
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After years of trying to keep my kitchen knives sharp and not being satisfied with the results I discovered the solution was just 2 miles away from me.  Sharpening knives on a whetstone has always seemed like a black art to me.  I must have missed that night during Boy Scouts.  But a web search revealed NJ Grinding in nearby Belleville.  Literally a hole in the wall behind a non-descript brick building.  What a difference!  I’m ready to dice mirepoix all night long.  Night of the long knives, indeed!

And, the best part is, all of you around the country can enjoy fine work and get your knives back up to snuff.  Through their website, CutleryMania, the folks at NJ Grinding offer a service whereby they mail you a shipping container for your knives, you send your knives to them and Presto! within a couple of days your knives are returned sharpened and ready for battle with that mound of onions.

These guys are so sharp good they even fixed an old paring knife with a broken tip.  Ground a new one right on to it.


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