October 13, 2009, 6:35 am
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Friday night fish was this wonderful recipe from The Boss (aka Bittman) called Ligurian Fish.  We made it with Alaskan Cod which I’m told is OK to eat according to the PC Fish Police.

Saturday night was more fish and potatoes….stunningly fresh bluefish from the fish guys at the Montclair Farmer’s Mkt. This time is was a Marcella recipe done in a very similar manner to the cod, but involving a parsley and garlic sauce.  Then it was off to Primo’s football game in the wilds of Bergen County.  They romped 27-7.

Sunday was horseradish crusted pork loin along with Mom’s Red Cabbage.  As usual the pork loin, while perfectly cooked, was very lean and tended towards dry.  But a tasty crust made up for a lot.  With the Principessa’s apple crisp for dessert it was our first real “fall” kind of meal.